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Areas I check when looking at the symptoms and root causes of Migraines....the fact is that the root cause of the migraines experienced may not be in your head at all!

With Kinesiology we are looking to find out the root of the symptoms that are challenging your body. When we ingest foods that are not compatible with our systems then this causes inflammation a big trigger for migraines.

Stress also causes a response that will challenge the hormones and cause a migraine reaction / symptom.

Magnesium deficiency can often be indicated by headaches and migraines.

And as you know the gut is the powerhouse of our system, if this is out of balance then it can 'give off' toxins which can then translate into the symptoms of migraines.

With a Kinesiology session we work with all of your system to understand why it is displaying the symptoms that are challenging you and then work with the system to understand what support it needs to help return and regain wellness.

You do not have to 'live with' the symptoms you are experiencing. Remember symptoms are your bodies way of showing you that there is a 'problem' and that it needs help to resolve it. With a Kinesiology session we are looking to help with this.

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