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Life Skills

So this happened this week....I had my little people in the car and the radio had been on and I needed to park in a 'tight' parking space so I automatically turned off the radio and started to concentrate on the reversing beeps....

When we were securely parked and engine off my daughter asked me, "why had I turned the radio off before parking?"

Fabulous question....I hadn't even noticed I had done that! So what is going on in the subconscious mind? It means that the background 'noise' wasn't needed, I had to focus and it meant that distractions would be challenging...

...hhhhhmmmmm......interesting thought eh?

When you have less 'noise' around you, you can get a clearer perspective, clearer understanding, your actions are clearer.....ooooh I thought, where else could this be applied.

If there is too much 'noise' around you causing distractions it might mean that you need to have some 'quiet' time to look inwards to support you to go forwards.

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