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"Prior to seeing Sue I had suffered with candida and other digestive issues, which Sue discovered. Sue spent over an hour identifying my problems. I was so very impressed with how knowledgeable she was and came to a rapid conclusion to what my body needed help and support with to heal. Sue advised me to take targeted homeopathic medicine, which I did and the results were amazing. I have since seen Sue again and am still amazed with how well she can pin point my issues".  

“I was at a point of despair when I visited Sue with my teenage daughter. She had had several reoccurring infections and been on umpteen courses of antibiotics but still the problem hadn’t been eradicated. I’ll be honest and say I was sceptical of her methods but after just 8 days on her recommended supplements the infection was gone! A year later and we still haven’t had any more flare ups. I cannot recommend Sue enough, to us she is heaven sent.”

“I had been recommended Sue during a period of ill health which included fatigue and stomach pain. The initial session confirmed how and why my body had been struggling and I was recommended remedies that specifically targeted parts of the body which needed to be healed. I’m so grateful to have met Sue, she has helped me get back my health and confidence back. I’ve recommended her to family and friends.”

When I attended my first Kinesiology session I was suffering from a number of issue relating to the menopause as well as IBS problems associated with having my gall bladder removed. I had severe IBS which was debilitating and was also suffering with extreme fatigue, memory loss, hot flushes and low mood due to all my symptoms which had a notable affect on my life in general.

I noticed the positive changes within a few sessions which gave me hope and I could feel myself coming back to life and feeling positive again. I am a totally different person now thanks to Sue and will never be able to thank her enough for giving me back my health and happiness!!!

Just wanted to update you as promised. I am feeling so much better! The headache has gone and I have much more energy. The best part is that I got my period yesterday and there is hardly any pain! 

"We took our 7 year old daughter to many, many appointments with our GP over a 18 month period for an ongoing problem.  We were desperate to get some answers as to what was causing her to have constant flare ups.  Sadly they could only give her a steroid cream which didn’t change the constant flare ups. 


When we were recommended to have a consultation with Sue at the Dragonfly Healing Room we decided to give it a try.  We had no experience of Kinesiology and we really didn’t know what to expect, but all I can say is that we were blown away from our first appointment.  We finally had some answers as to why my daughter was having these flare ups.  We felt very confident in trying the drops suggested for our daughter, and making changes to her diet as advised.  She looks so much healthier and the flare ups have almost disappeared.


We felt so relaxed and comfortable when having our appointments with Sue.  We really are so grateful that we decided to give Kinesiology a try and it has given my little girl her confidence back".

"I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first Kinesiology session. I didn’t feel especially unwell and thought my diet was reasonably healthy.  The food sensitivity testing was a real eye opener! While I already knew that bread and cows milk products made me feel uncomfortable, I had no ideas that some of the “healthy” foods I was eating were actually not doing me any good at all. After following Sue’s advice for a few weeks I started to feel brighter and healthier and much more positive.  Sue is so warm and welcoming,  she very quickly puts people at their ease  and explains her advice very clearly".

“Sue has supported both my children (aged 10 and 13) with Kinesiology. She has a wonderful way of explaining what she’s doing in terms that they understand and makes them feel listened to and like they have a say in their wellness. She’s been 100% spot on identifying issues, explaining to them what their body is going through and understanding how they feel. She’s also been able to support them in a way that works for them (no large tablets to swallow please!) Everyone needs a Sue in their pocket to keep with them at all times!”

Well, today has just been amazing!! Last night I slept for 9.5 hours which is pretty unheard of for me! Pure, undisturbed sleep which I have not had for weeks!!


This morning, I  felt completely refreshed and noticed that I had no headache (forgotten what that felt like). The day has continued to be good. My energy levels feel normal again and so does my mood. Before today I had the worst depression and anxiety for about three days where I just felt awful!


I am actually looking forward to work tomorrow because if I feel like this, I know I will be able to function and do my job properly, unlike last week where I just could not concentrate!

" I have visited Dragonfly healing room as I was tired, anxious and stressed. Sue has been amazing all the way through my therapy. Kind, reassuring and caring. I felt very relaxed, listened to and cared for. I am still receiving my support and I can see a big progress, I am thankful to Sue. " 

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