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Lower Back Pain

Did you know that back pain affects around one-third of the adult population! I see many clients who report that they have lower back pain and that they're unsure where it came from. As part of your Kinesiology session we look at all the factors that can cause challenging wellness symptoms. Over the years I have found that the main issue with back pain has been intestinal. When the digestive tract is stressed generally things start to tense and tighten, including the ligaments and connective tissue which hold the bowel in place and are connected to other organs like the pelvic wall. There may also be other symptoms around the back pain that include constipation or looser stools. With Kinesiology we look at you as a whole there are reasons why you are experiencing the symptoms that are challenging you and through a series of muscle tests we are able to work with your system to find out the supports that it needs. With lower back pain we would explore during your session the Ileocecal Valve (ICV) which is very much involved with the symptoms that are experienced. #lowerbackpain#ileocecalvalve#icv#backpain#largeintestine#digestion#stress#health#happiness#kinesiology

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