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An Emotion That Gets Physical

Emotions....what springs to your mind? Happy, sad, funny, quiet, over excited, introvert....there are so many that it can be easy to avoid some of them because they feel uncomfortable, they can make us have unpleasant feelings.

When we avoid the unpleasant emotions they can end up in our body as a physical challenge because we are not at ease or at dis-ease.

There's absolutely a survival aspect and instinct with emotions - if the feelings are unpleasant and uncomfortable our feelings try to protect us - they give us signals that say this doesn't feel good leave it alone.

Your extremely clever body has billions of thoughts and thoughts always precede feelings. It means that we have a thought and then a reaction - a bit like dipping your toe into a bath of water which is too hot - you'll immediately pull your foot out before you could say - that is too hot - that's how fast your thoughts and feelings work.

You've experienced the hot water from the bath and now know what temperature you would like the bath water to be and that next time you're running a bath then more cold water is needed in the mixer tap.

Your thoughts and feelings are like this too. You've learnt from the temperature of the bath water and what you will now do in future.

With your thoughts and feelings if you can experience and move through them then even if unpleasant you will be creating an understanding for your system of what you will and won't tolerate. What you welcome into your life and what you don't. It means that you are at ease with who you are and the wellness journey you are following.

If you ignore or block the emotions then they will continue to try to get your attention and thus create symptoms in your body that manifest as wellness challenges. An example is increased anxiety or feeling more vulnerable. Kinesiology works with you as a whole, understanding the root cause of your wellness challenges and how emotions have impacted on this and then supports you on your journey.

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