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Healthy Gut - Steps

There are '5 R's when it comes to supporting the gut.

The first is to remove the food irritants that are causing wellness challenges to the digestive tract. With Kinesiology we use muscle testing to find out which 'foods' are causing the challenges and then remove these from the daily diet intake.

The second is to replace these foods with an alternative to support your daily nutritional intake.

The third is to repair the digestive tract and gut, using Kinesiology your muscle testing response will show what supports are priority for you on the gut wellness journey.

The fourth is to repopulate and rebalance the gut with good bacteria.

The fifth is to rebalance and this is looking at your wellness holistically - how does your lifestyle impact on your gut health, how do the foods you eat cause challenges. With Kinesiology we look at your 'whole' wellness not just fixing the symptoms.

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