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Healthy breakfast

As part of your Kinesiology session we look into the foods that you are eating in order to fully understand your system. Most of the wonderful people I see in the Dragonfly Room are working hard with their intake of foods and aiming to eat 'good stuff'.

Many clients explain that they have Granola for breakfast as they have 'heard' that this is a good food. The challenge is that if you are buying supermarket brands they usually come with enough sugar to rival a cake!

Granola's have a base of carbohydrate oats, sweetened with honey, sugars, dried fruits and commonly sunflower oil.

These ingredients are going to spike your blood sugars and cause challenges with energy slumps and weight gain.

Suggestion for breakfast foods is to eat a protein, low carb and healthy fat such as egg, gluten free toast and avocado. This will stabilise blood sugars allowing you to have a fuller feeling and all the energy you need rather than the rollercoaster that granola may bring.

With Kinesiology we look at you as a 'whole' and all the factors that effect your wellness journey so that you can be the best you can be and make informed choices and decisions about your health.

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