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Brain Health

Global rates of dementia are currently projected to triple by 2050, this is a disease that sadly I have experienced personally within my family and there is yet to be found words that can describe the impact it had.

Every time we eat and every decision we make regarding our health can dramatically shift and alter your wellness including the health of the brain.

It is never to early to start protecting your brain, healthy diet, restful sleep, stress management and exercise contribute globally to your system but also help to prevent cognitive decline.

Eating a diet that includes foods that fuel the brain is key to cognitive health and so are avoiding the foods that cause cognitive decline.

Short List of Supportive Foods: Oily fish Nuts and seeds Healthy fats (avocado, olive) Cruciferous vegetables

Short List of Challenging Foods: Sugar and artificial sweeteners Processed foods Foods high in trans fats

A Kinesiology session looks into all areas that may cause challenges to your health, if memory or brain fog is causing you concern this is where we will focus during your appointment.

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