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Kinesiology for Babies - Teething

Kinesiology is considered to be a complete form of complimentary wellness care.  It uses gentle muscle testing to look for, understand and aid in supporting any imbalance within the body.  

Babies are too little to use their muscles for a muscle response test.  Instead we use a wonderful technique called 'surrogate muscle testing'.  

To use surrogate muscle testing, the parent is in physical contact with the baby and I use the parents muscles to test the muscle responses of the baby. Through this brilliant technique I am able to suggest the imbalances that the baby may be challenged with and can then create your babies individual wellness plan. 

Teething Challenges

All babies develop at their own pace.  Some babies are born with their first teeth, some start teething at 4 months old and some after 12 months but each is following the development rate for their body.  Baby teeth sometimes emerge with no pain or discomfort at all.  Sometimes you may notice signs that your baby is teething, these may include: 

  • Baby's gum is sore and red where the tooth is coming through

  • One cheek is flushed

  • They are rubbing their ear

  • Your baby is dribbling more than usual

  • They are gnawing and chewing on things 

  • They are more fretful than usual

These challenges can sometimes seem overwhelming for both the parent and the baby.  Through Kinesiology using the parent as a surrogate, I can discover where the baby is being challenged and then can suggest where their body needs support.

What do sessions involve? 

As I assess the muscles using the surrogate testing technique and the feedback that they provide, I will create an individual wellness plan for your baby which may have the following suggestions: 

  • Food supplements suitable for children

  • Dietary changes including advice on food and chemical sensitivities 

  • Gentle relaxation techniques 

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