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Weight Loss Interventions

Many people have had challenges with weight loss and there is no perfect one-size-fits all way to healthy changes in weight.

When counting 'calories' it it important to remember that they should not be the whole story, food is more than calories, it provides nutrients and the food's nutrient density will determine how the body responds to it so rather than focus on the calories we would do better for overall health (and weight) to focus on eating foods that are nutrient dense.

There is not enough space to go into full detail here but it is worth mentioning that weight changes may be associated with other underlying conditions or imbalances which include:

Excess Inflammation - inflammation inhibits weight loss via a number of mechanisms including increasing insulin resistance, which triggers appetite to increase and metabolism to slow (as if the body were starving) making weight loss pursuits even harder), and adrenal dysfunction.

Adrenal dysfunction - high levels of stress have been shown to slow down metabolism.

Liver Toxicity - the organ of detoxification and if these detoxification pathways become overwhelmed then insulin sensitivity and fatty acid metabolism is affected.

Food Sensitivities - foods that your body has trouble processing will cause a challenge in your system which can effect all of the above and more.

There are more to consider and a Kinesiology session looks at all of the above and the others including oestrogen dominance, hormone dysfunction, dysbiosis etc to see what your system is challenged by and how to support it.

I do not like to use the word diet - rather that you are making interventions into your daily dietary intake and these will support your long term health.

If your weight is needing support to change then a Kinesiology session will help you to understand where your body needs support and where it will respond best for you to achieve your goals.

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