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Saturday Symptoms - Lower Back Pain

Did you know that lower back pain is linked to the intestines?

When the digestive tract is stressed things start to tense and tighten, including the ligaments and connective tissue which holds the bowel in place and they have a significant effect on the stability of the pelvis and lower lumbar.

Back pain and the Illeocecal Valve (ICV) they are linked. The ICV is a sphincter muscle situated at the last portion of your small intestine and the colon. Its function is to allow digested materials to pass from the small intestine to the large intestine to become faeces. It should open and close at appropriate times. If it stays open for too long or not long enough problems occur and one of the symptoms is back pain (but there is a whole list of other issues too!).

When I see the ICV needing support I look to see if there is any nutrition needed, food sensitivities, emotional stress - all of these impact on the ICV and lower back pain.

While fixing the valves, pain usually refers right into the point of pain in the back, whether they currently have the pain or not. This is the body working to readjust all the ligaments, connective tissue and the valves themselves into balance.

When the referred pain dies down, we can move around the abdominal area until all the pain has gone from both the valves and the lower back.

So if all you are challenged with lower back pain and massaging, manipulations does not seem to fully correct the symptoms then you may benefit from having your intestinal valves tested and corrected.

The not-complete-list of other things the ICV being out of balance is responsible for:

Abdominal pain, groin pain. Acne. arthritic type aches and pains. Bad breath. Bloating. Bowel Gas, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Chronic Fatigue. Constipation and diarrhoea, alternating. Dehydration. Dizzyness. Digestive disorders. Gas. Headaches. Hip pain, particularly on the right. Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Migraines. Nausea. Shoulder Pain.Skin problems.Tinnitus

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