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Saturday Symptoms - Look After Your Wellness

How you look after your body and health should be your number one priority by choice. By excusing the niggles and the symptoms (symptoms are our friend by the way, they let us know that something isn't quite right) then they can compound until one day you are forced to stop in order to 'deal' with the illness in your system.

When we look after our health it means that we value ourselves, that by prioritising our needs we are then able to be more able to look after ourselves and others who depend on us.

How do you feel when you are physically well, emotionally well, mentally well - what does this mean to you? What can you do with ease that you can't do when you feel unwell, upset, overwhelmed?

Sometimes it can feel like actually looking into the niggles and symptoms you are experiencing are overwhelming and therefore it can be 'easier' just to put up with them but what if the questions seem huge but the answers are simple and all you need to do is a few tweaks to bring your health back on track? How good would that feel!

Remember the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. The wellness journey does not have to be overwhelming or that it should be put off to a different time.

Kinesiology takes the guess work out of the symptoms and works with your body to understand the challenges and finds the plan to support it.

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