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Saturday Symptoms - Hormone Imbalance

When our hormones are imbalanced your body can show a whole range of symptoms to 'tell' you that it needs support.

These symptoms could be:

Weight gain without eating more - difficulty losing weight Tiredness / Fatigue even after resting Coldness in hands and feet Constipation Dry thinning hair and eyebrows Anxiety Low mood Painful periods PMS Cracked skin on heels Dry skin Morning headaches which wear off during the day ...and quite a few more

Kinesiology takes the guess work out of the symptoms and finds the root cause of the challenges so that you can support your system with a natural health plan which may involve dietary changes, supplements and emotional work. Your symptoms are unique to you and therefore your plan should be unique to you too.

Your health and happiness matters and support is here for you, your body is doing the talking - have a listen in and see how you can support your system.

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