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Podcast - Episode 2 - The Bloated Belly Fix

In Episode 2 I explore why fat is stored around the middle and how in five simple steps you can make an impact to reduce it.

I get your struggles, you've tried the endless diets, you've gagged on the detox juices. The women I work with now have had enough, they're tired, fed-up and basically at a loss of how to make changes that will help them to lose weight, stop the hormonal cravings, the mood swings, the insomnia so that they can be the women they want to be and when they look in the mirror they smile.

When you 'diet' you work against hormones in your body, (the sex hormones, the hunger hormones, the blood sugar hormones, the stress hormones...the list goes on) and when the hormones become imbalanced it doesn't matter if you have done a marathon in stilettos and eaten fresh air for 3 days, the hormones will determine whether you are building up your fat stores, or burning them as energy.

In this episode we explore why the 'fat' gets stored and what you can do easily and effortlessly to help it to come off so you can lose weight, feel great and LOVE your reflection in the mirror.

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