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Look Less Tired

Sleep deprivation = pale skin, darker circles under the eyes and you just don't feel "yourself"

Here are some quick tips to help you 'feel' better:

Water - aim to drink six to eight glasses a day...if that sounds tricky to remember make a plan to drink a glass each time you put the kettle on or have a water bottle on the go and set a half hour alarm and have a 'glug' to keep your system functioning well as the hydration levels will be high. Meaning that all of your organs work better and you 'feel' better.

Sleep - aim for at least 6hours of continuous sleep and even better if 8hours. Sleep allows the body to reset and renew. Make yourself a sleep routine i.e. bath, book, lights out time by a designated time on your clock - then if you are having a challenge getting to sleep try a calming app that will naturally bring you to a sleepy state.

Sunshine - try to get outside in the morning - this helps the pineal gland know that it is daytime and so by lunchtime melatonin (the sleepy hormone) can begin to rise so that by the time you are ready to go to sleep this hormone is in full swing to support a restful nights sleep.

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