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Illeocecal Valve Massage Points - Following A Full ICV Correction

Following the full ICV fix during your Kinesiology Session this is a video to show / illustrate the points that you will continue to work with at home to ensure that the ICV is functioning as it should.

1 – place 3 fingers – ring finger on the ankle bone, middle and index finger together and where the index finger is rub quite firmly into this area on both legs.

2 – rubbing up the seam of your leg from knee to hip on both sides – this needs to be a firm and constant pressure – 10-15 repeats.

3 – pushing in and up from the edge of the hip, up towards the shoulder and towards the belly button using consistent pressure and hold for 30 seconds then move your hand in a clockwise direction and hold for 30 seconds and repeat so that you have moved your hand has covered this whole area.

4 – using your belly button that as you look down at your navel imagine that it is mickey mouse nose then above your belly button you want to use your thumb and index fingers to create his ears. Pushing quite firmly into this area and massage.

5 – using the edge of your ribs as a guide massage the left hand side rib from centre of sternum and follow bottom rib all way to the side of your body – quite a firm pressure do this for 10-15 repeats.

6 – using centre of collarbone go out about 2inches to your left and tap here in waltz time – 1-2-3 and do this for about 10 repeats.

7 – using the centre parting of your hair as a guide – with both hands push into the parting and then gently pull apart as if you are making your parting bigger. Repeat 10-15 times.

To help the ICV further when you are going to pass a stool place your feet up onto a waste bin in the bathroom so that you adopt a squatting position in that your knees are higher than your hips and in doing this it means that you are allowing the intestines to evacuate fully and not have any remnants trapped in the system.


ICV Points (1)
Download PDF • 78KB

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