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I know it has been a long time since we have been able to meet for a face-to-face Kinesiology session and have created this newsletter to say'hello'and ask how you are.

I apologise for being a little bit quiet since the sudden closure on the 20th March.  The room was turned into a school room for my two little people and they have needed their mum. 

I wanted to let you know that as a Dragonfly Healing Room client it is not just the time that we are together for our Kinesiology sessions that I hold you in my mind, it is when I research the topic related to your case outside of sessions, planning treatments and when something I see reminds me of you, I think about you and aim to provide you with the best treatment. 

In this challenging environment of holding face-to-face sessions, I wanted to let you know that I am still here to support you.  Whether that be a text, email, a zoom call or a remote Kinesiology session, if you need support I would love to catch up with you. As of today there has been no further Government guidance as to when I could open the Dragonfly Healing Room for face-to-face Kinesiology sessions.  



So behind the scenes I have been busy training and updating my Kinesiology portfolio, and I am delighted to announce that I am now able to support you with a Kinesiology session using Remote Kinesiology Testing. 

How Can Remote Kinesiology Testing Help Me?

Remote Testing will involve exactly the same session, as if you were in the room.  It will look for and find your priority meridian and then what that meridian needs to help to balance you. 

·         Nutritionally – do you need supplements

·         Emotionally – do you need Bach Flowers

·         Skeletally – do you need to have lymph moved / where is your body needing support

·         Energetically – do you need to have your meridian lines energised

·         Chemically – do you have a food sensitivity

How Does It Work?

Remote Kinesiology Testing uses surrogate muscles as indicator muscles.

Surrogate Testing is when I use the muscles of somebody else to test a client who is unable to use their muscles.  I do this for babies and children when they are with me in the Dragonfly Room.  The carer holds the hand or touches body of the child and I then use the carer’s muscles as indicators to work out how to balance the child. I have also used this for clients who have weak muscles due to a medical condition.

In Remote Testing you will provide me with some strands of hair (taken at the follicles and at least six strands) that you place in a plastic bag and post to me.

By placing the hair onto the surrogate their body will use your energy and their muscles will be my indicator, responding exactly the same as if you were in the room.

The surrogate does not know who you are, and will have no information given to them while the session is being undertaken.  They are literally there as the muscle indicator and client confidentiality is absolutely maintained.

Following The Remote Testing Session

After I have completed the Remote Testing using the surrogate I will write up my notes and send these to you as I have always done when we have had our face to face meetings.  

How To Book

If you would like to find out more, or to book a Remote Kinesiology session, please contact me



Are you feeling a bit wobbly? 

In living memory we’ve never been in this global situation before. Our usual routines have been turned upside down and we’re all having to adapt and form new habits.  There are an awful lot of people having reactions that they don’t understand.

We start doing weird stuff! What has your wobble caused you to do or feel? Are you struggling to sleep, desperate for information, teary and overwhelmed, tummy upsets, restless, want to stay in bed, headaches, changes to eating, changes to thinking, unable to make decisions?

If you have felt any of those things then you are 100% not alone! Tips To Overcome Overwhelm & Boost Your Immune System In this challenging and changing environment it can easily lead to feeling overwhelmed. This videos explains how Kinesiology can help with Anxiety and Stress and some self help techniques to turn the volume down on challenging emotions.



Your health and happiness truly matter, but sometimes along the way these can become out of 'balance'.   

I do this job to help give you back your balance.  We work together in priority, we find out what the main challenge is that your body is presenting and we go from there.  It's a beautifully simple yet intricate system that can bring about a significant change in your health by working with the body and not against it. 

Being part of your road to recovery is a privilege, I LOVE being a Kinesiologist and I am grateful that you chose me to help bring back your health and happiness. 

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers simple.

Dr Seuss

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