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Hay Fever

Streaming red, itchy, watering eyes, sneezing, itchy....reactions abound as there seems to be many struggling with the symptoms of hay fever and related allergies.

Some of the most common sensitivities and intolerance triggers are pollen, foods, and contact irritants.

Our body contains a number of antibodies which are released to protect the body in a number of ways. A good example is the role of antibodies with hay fever. Hay fever is caused by our immune system 'attacking' airborne pollens from plants, trees, grasses etc.

This excessive reaction in sufferers causes the immune system response to produce the antibody ‘IgE’ (immunoglobulin-E). The IgE binds to white blood cells and this causes the release of the chemical histamine. The histamine is then responsible for the classic symptoms of sneezing, irritation etc.

With Kinesiology we are looking to find the root cause as to why your body is causing the reactions that it is producing the symptoms that you are challenged with.

One of the supports that is looked at during the Kinesiology session is the 'health' of your digestive tract and gut. Our gut not only needs to be healthy to maximise the nutrient intake from the foods we ingest, it is also the centre of the primary production of many essential bodily functions.

During the Kinesiology session we would also look at natural supplement supports including probiotics, Vitamin C & D, Bioflavonoids and Essential Fatty Acids.

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