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Friday Fast Fix Kinesiology Tip - Reduce Cellulite & Toxins

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

A daily routine that takes 5 minutes that will unclog pores, excrete toxins, create glowing skin and feels really good!

Benefits: Exfoliates Dead Skin Stimulates the Lymphatic System Reduces Cellulite Unclogs Pores Natural Stress Relief

How To Dry Brush:

1 -Use a natural bristle brush with a long handle so that you can reach all areas of your body. 2 - Remove any clothing and stand in a bath or shower to catch the falling dry skin. 3 - Do not wet the skin. Dry brush your skin while it is dry. 4 - Starting at the bottom your feet, move in long sweeping motion toward your heart. Stroking away from your heart can put extra pressure on the valves within the veins and lymph vessels, causing ruptured vessels and varicose veins. 5 - Brush each area several times and overlapping as you go to ensure that you do not miss a spot. Be careful over the more sensitive areas, such as the breasts. You may want to avoid the nipple area. It may feel more sensitive the first few times, but your skin will become less sensitive with consistent dry brushing. 6 - Once you’ve brushed your entire body, step into the shower and bathe as you normally would. 7 - After you have showered, pat your skin dry and apply a natural oil.

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