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First Aid

First a previous time I worked as event management of festivals and large scale events.

I have been involved in non-responsive resuscitation, wounds, broken limbs, ingestion of chemical substances, lost people and much more...When you are on the front line of being the 'first aid' with someone who has damaged their body you are thinking quickly in order to make sure that person survives and the training that has been given comes to the fore to ensure the best possible outcome.

Last Friday I had to take a refresher for the First Aid training as part of the insurance that I have for the Dragonfly Healing Room. It is not that you 'forget' how to 'help' and be the point of 'First Aid' rather that the certificate confirms that you have passed all the necessary points.

I have used my skills more outside of events / festivals / Dragonfly room than I have within them, including resuscitation of a non-responsive male who collapsed while riding his bike and the air ambulance was involved to take him to hospital. The thing is with everybody that I have helped as 'First Aid' we are unable to know what happens to them after they leave in an ambulance.

This got me thinking about the Dragonfly Room. With Kinesiology you are giving 'aid' to your system. You are identifying the challenges for the symptoms you are experiencing. You are given the opportunity to find out why the challenges have been presented. You have a plan for your wellness journey of supports that will work with you to overcome the symptoms. You work with me throughout the wellness path.

Give your body the 'first aid' it needs to step onto your wellness path - you do not have to continue with the challenges that hold you back. Kinesiology helps.

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