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Fast Fix Friday Kinesiology Tips - Sleep

Friday Fast Fix Kinesiology Tip - Sleep

Each Friday I will be posting a Fast Fix Kinesiology Tip to help you with your health and happiness.

Today I am concentrating on tips for sleep. Sleep and stress are inversely related - the less sleep you get, the more difficulty you will find in adapting to challenging situations. The more sleep you have, the less stressful everyday pressures seem.

Sleep Tips -

*Avoid drinks containing caffeine - instead swap these for water where possible and before bedtime try a relaxing tea such as chamomile .

*Try to exercise early in the day - by seeing the sunlight in the morning you are triggering your body to know the waking times and sleeping times of the day.

*Keep to a sleep routine - setting a time when you go to bed at night and when you wake each morning will allow your body to understand when to sleep and when to wake.

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