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Causes of Inflammation

Inflammation....if you've ever sprained your ankle, bruised, had a sore throat then your body will have inflamed to support you and protect you, it is our defense system.

However challenges occur when the defence system goes into 'hyperdrive' and starts to work 'against' the system it is trying to protect. When there is an overactive inflammatory response conditions like, sensitivities, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and many more challenge the body.

The first way to support your system is to identify the triggers causing the inflammation, and then help the body's natural immune balance to reset by providing the right support and conditions for it to thrive.

Through Kinesiology we work with you to understand what is at the root cause of the challenge you are experiencing and then work with you to find out what supports your system needs in order to thrive. You do not need to 'cope' with the symptoms you are experiencing you can naturally support and help your system through changes to diet, support and lifestyle - when you know what the root cause of the challenge is then you can find out how to 'support' it to wellness.

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