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Calories - They're Not All Equal!

Every mouthful you consume you have made an active decision to support and nourish your system or to cause it a challenge.

Some of these challenges are known i.e. if you eat sugar you are going to cause an overload in many of your body systems including your hormones, detoxification pathways and depletion of your energy.

Some of the challenges are unknown, some foods can cause you to have a sensitivity in your system but you're unsure which foods they are. This is because you are unique! Foods that could cause you a challenge could be fine for the next person.

When you have a Kinesiology session we look at the foods you are eating as part of your wellness plan. Food carries information through your system and it is determining whether this food helps or hinders.

Kinesiology looks at foods to find out if you are consuming foods that hinder your health. Should any foods be identified you can then make an informed decision each time that you eat as to what the food is going to do for your system.

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