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Being Kind To Yourself

These are phrases I hear often in the Dragonfly Healing stems from "being hard on yourself".

Instead of:

"I should've known better" - I did the best I could with the information I had. I now have more knowledge and have grown with this knowledge and I forgive my past self.

"It's too hard" - I can't do this on my own, I need support and I am going to reach out for help and guidance.

"I'm not as good as them" - Everybody is unique and has a unique way of doing things - you can't compare yourself to someone else they have their way you have your way.

"I don't know how too" - Give yourself the permission to focus on what helps you learn and grow - mistakes are part of the process to learn from.

Remember it's okay to have these thoughts but giving them a twist on what you CAN achieve and what you CAN do will help you go forward.

If you think you CAN'T you will be right....If you think you CAN you will be right.....which mindset sounds better to you?

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