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Literally in one word how I could sum up my day today…’Balls’…I know this word can be taken in many different contexts and please use the one which suits you best!

At the moment it’s a juggling act of keeping all the ‘balls’ up in the air, which I can imagine many of you are trying to do too. Sometimes I’m flinging those balls around like some kind of acrobat and other times I’m doing more lunges than a Joe Wicks workout to pick them all back off the floor.

Whichever way you maybe with your ‘balls’ at the moment I wanted to share a technique that will help you to think, write and work better and it is rrreeeeaaaallllllyyyyyy easy to do! It’s called Lazy 8’s – basically because it’s an 8 laying on its side – the irony is not lost on me....

So please do have a little look at the video and have a go and let me know how you get on. Xx

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