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Kinesiology for Tweens & Teens -

Anxiety & Worries

Kinesiology is considered to be a complete form of complimentary wellness care.  It uses gentle muscle testing to look for, understand and aid in supporting any imbalance within the body.  

Anxiety & Worries

In an ever changing world children are now facing many different challenges to the ones their parents would have had when they were teenagers.  

Technology, safety and the speed that children seem to need to 'grow up', can have an acute effect on our children's mood and behaviour. 

These moods can be confusing for both the child and the adult as they struggle to make sense of the changes to their bodies and their environment. 

For some this can present itself as symptoms of worry, stress, anxiety and confusion. 

What do sessions involve? 

As I assess the muscles, I will create an individual wellness plan for your child which may have the following suggestions: 

  • Food supplements suitable for children

  • Dietary changes including advice on food and chemical sensitivities 

  • Gentle relaxation techniques 

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